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Corn Empanada is finally here

Deep fried handmade corn tortilla filled with
shredded beef or chicken, sautéed with onions and vegetables. Topped with lettuce, cheese and sour cream!

The latest from our shop

Turn your party into a fiesta with our Taco Bar!


Local fresh cuisine for everyone

We offer a range of comprehensive catering services for corporate event, festivals, fundraisers and private parties. Our goal is to prepare food that will have a lasting impression on your guests. 

Dawn Ross - All Tasks Services Ltd.

“The Taco Bar was a big hit for our team. The food was delivered hot, plentiful and delicious, and all gluten-free! The fact that you could accommodate for those on our team who don’t tolerate cilantro was also appreciated – cilantro on the side worked very well!” 

Cooking classes!

To book a cooking class, please call +1-800-555-1111